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Best Mitumba Clothes for Opening bales

  We provide more than 100 categories of used clothing for sale and provide men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing to thrift stores and exporters. All the used clothes we collect are in good condition, have no stains, no damage, no scratches, no fading, and have passed SGS certification.

  The Grade A clothes is quite suitable for the Mitumba Market. You can see a lot of Mitumba clothes in kibanda, most of them are from China.

✨Type: Mixed men shoes, Mixed women shoes and Mixed children shoes.

✨Pcakage:25 kg per bale and one bale have between 50-55 pairs of used shoes


  1. Fashion
  2. Various style and size
  3. No holes
  4. No peeling
  5. No missing parts

  We got the various kinds of used bag. Such as ladies leather bags, school bags, cloth bags, computer bags, small wallets, briefcases, handbags, shoulder bags, dual-purpose messenger bags, backpacks, waist bags, chest bags, etc.

  large and small bags are evenly matched, 40 kilograms per bale.

Wide Options
for Your Mitumba Bale Business

Mitumba Summer Clothes

We offer over 60 items for Mitumba Summer Used Clothes. Different sizes and styles to ensure that you get packing list that will accommodate your products accurately.

Mitumba Winter Clothes

Our selection of Mitumba Winter Used Clothes provides great comfort and warmth while remaining fashionable. Grade 1 Mitumba winter clothes bales are very hot sale in Kenya.

Mitumba Shoes

Hissen Mitumba shoes supplier who have all kinds of shoes like used mixed shoes, used sport shoes, used branded shoes, used ladies shoes and used children shoes, etc.

Mitumba Bags

We has 2 professional sorting lines, which can sort more than 10 tons of used bags every day. Which make us have a steady supply of bags in production.

Why Choose Our Mitumba Prodcuts

Mitumba Grading

Creme bale:

Most of the items are close to the new, even some of them still keep the label. One reason for creme bale is that people buy the clothes online wrongly because of the wrong size or wrong color. Or they just don’t like to wear. Then put them into the a charity bins. So the Creme bale is expensive than the grade A and grade B quality bale.

Grade A bale:

The garde A items are still wearable. Since these items have been wore for times, so the quality of grade A is less than creme bale. Grade A bale is cheaper than creme bale and is hot sell in Gikomba market. Hence, it is more likely to make high profits.

Grade B bale:

The grade B bale would not be as popular as creme bale and grade A bale. These items have moderate holes, moderate dyeing and no missing parts. You can find lots of grade B bale on air market with the low price.

There are some places you can find the Mitumba clothes with different quality and price.

The Shop:

You can usually find what you want in second-hand clothes shops, clothes, shoes, bags etc. All these things are of good quality. However, given the relatively high shop rent and utility bills in the shops, the items can be expensive.

The Kibanda:

In the Gikomba market you will find kibandas of all sizes selling a wide range of Mikomba clothes, the quality of the goods here may not be as good as in the shops, but if you are lucky you can find good quality clothes at a good price.

The open-air market:

The large open-air markets is profitable beacuse millions of people selling goods here. What you need to do is to set the price for what you sell. You should no worry about running out of customers, but to think about your price, because there are too many sellers here.

Here are some Mitumba markets in Kenya.


Kongowea Market
Buxton Market
Mackinnon Market
Kisauni Market
Chaani Market
Sega Market


Gikomba Market
Muthurwa Market
Ngara Market
Kasarani Market
Embakasi Market
Umoja Market

2 million

Factory Area

2 million

Factory Area

20 +

Sorting Line

20 +

Sorting Line

3500 +

40ft containers/Year

3500 +

40ft containers/Year

100 +


100 +


60 +

Exported countries

60 +

Exported countries

400 +


400 +


Hissen Global

  Established in 2013, Hissen global Co.,Ltd Mitumba Clothes Supplier specializes in exporting used clothes, used shoes, used bags to Africa, southeast Asia, and Mideast. We are two factory owner, directly control quality and production by ourselves. Correct sorting ways make us have regular buyers over 60 countries.

In addtion, we have been Mitumba business over 10 years which make us familiarity with Mitumba. We know the Mitumba quality in Gikomba, We know the Mitumba market in Mombasa and Nairobi. We know how to make your packing list.

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    What's Hissen Minimum order Quantity(MOQ)?

    For our Mitumba products, because of the instability of the global epidemic and the high sea freight, our Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ) is a container.

    How many Mitumba bales can be load in a container?

    Used Clothes: 1 container like 20ft(13500kgs for 300 bales) or 40ft(28600kgs for 635 bales). 45 kg per bale.

    Used Shoes: 1 container like 20ft(13500kgs for 480 bales) or 40ft(28600kgs for 1000 bales). 25 kg per bale.

    When will we finish the Mitumba goods?

    3-5 days to finish your Mitumba order.

    How about the freight and shipping date?


    Because shipping is updated frequently, we will check your order and destination for you once we know it.

    Shipping Date:

    • East Africa: 2.4 to 5.4 weeks
    • South Africa: 3.3 weeks
    • Centrol Africa: 4.4 to 5.6 weeks
    • West Africa: 2.4 to 5.4 weeks
    • North Africa: 3.4 weeks
    Can I place a sample order first?

    It is hard to send a sample due to the high shipping with small quantity. If you are interested in our Mitumba product, you can contact us for more details.