Hissen has two factory located in China. With 20,000 sq m and around 400 workers, it allows us to finish your container order whithin 3 days, while reserving plenty of space for customer property.

We understand that many customers have their plan to house their inventory.  We can work with you on a warehousing program to meet your company’s needs.

We have a large second hand clothing recycling network in the first tier cities in China. And we have set up recycling bins of used clothing in 70,000 upscale and blocks in these cities.

We have also cooperated with AIHUISHOU, one of China’s largest online recycling platforms, for fast and consistent product recycling. For the clothing recycling project, we also have an online recycling platform, through which we can monitor the quality of the recycled products more conveniently.

Our advantages

Workable lead times

We have excellent transport links for on-time deliveries

Order efficiency

Our warehouse staff can quickly identify items in stock and monitor them for your orders

Complete supply chain

With over 70,000 collecting points, we can ensure at least 1500 tons of stable material.

Safety stock

We can ensure that your products are safe with 24-hour inventory flow and real-time monitoring

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We help you avoid the pitfalls and deliver the quality and value you need.

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